dmd db generate libyear

dmd db generate libyear

Generate the Libyear metric for known dependencies




Generate the Libyear metric for known dependencies

This uses the Libyear metric, which is defined as "how many years between the version we're currently using and the latest version released", and then totalled across all libraries used by the project.

NOTE: that this may not include all dependencies, so the number could be higher than shown.

For further reading on the Libyear metric, check out and for more information.

Note that this may lead to the leakage of package names to external systems, which may be seen as a privacy or security issue, which can be avoided by following the documentation in the Avoiding the leakage of sensitive package names cookbook (

Known issues:


Flag (type) Usage Notes
-h, --help help for libyear
--no-progress prevent displaying progress of long-running tasks

Options inherited from parent commands

Flag (type) Usage Notes
--db (string) the path to the input/output database
--debug whether to enable debug logging