dmd db generate missing-data

dmd db generate missing-data

Generate missing package data




Generate missing package data for some ecosystems, via

For a subset of package ecosystems supported by, provide the full dependency tree for packages.

The supported ecosystems can be found documented on

This is a "best efforts" lookup, and depends wholly on the database's quality.

Note that this may lead to the leakage of package names to external systems, which may be seen as a privacy or security issue, which can be avoided by following the documentation in the Avoiding the leakage of sensitive package names cookbook (

Known issues:


Flag (type) Usage Notes
-h, --help help for missing-data
--no-progress prevent displaying progress of long-running tasks

Options inherited from parent commands

Flag (type) Usage Notes
--db (string) the path to the input/output database
--debug whether to enable debug logging