dmd import bulk

dmd import bulk

Import many dependency data exports, via a CSV file


bulk /path/to/csv.csv


$ cat imports.csv
# NOTE: no header should be provided, this is commented to indicate what's the columns are
# platform,organisation,repo,datasource,filename

$ dmd import bulk imports.csv --db dmd.db


Import many dependency data exports, via metadata in a CSV file Instead of requiring multiple invocations of the dmd CLI, using this subcommand makes it possible to prepare a CSV file with the relevant information, and paths to files to parse.

This simplifies the

The CSV must have rows that correspond with the following columns:

NOTE that the CSV does not require a header


Flag (type) Usage Notes
-h, --help help for bulk
--no-progress prevent displaying progress of long-running tasks

Options inherited from parent commands

Flag (type) Usage Notes
--db (string) the path to the input/output database
--debug whether to enable debug logging