Getting Started (with the example data)

If you don't (yet) want to use DMD with your own data, it's best to check out the example project, which provides some a pre-seeded database, and the associated data exports that you can test the experience with, as well as seeing how it has configured the tooling to build the database.

You can download the example database from the latest GitLab CI build and download the artifacts from the build-database job.

Alternatively, you can use the dmd-example CLI:

$ go install
$ dmd-example download
Successfully downloaded `dmd.db` (from the last run at dmd.db) to `2023-04-20 09:42:37.498 +0000 UTC`
$ ls dmd.db
$ dmd-example shell
# SQLite version 3.39.5 2022-10-14 20:58:05
# Enter ".help" for usage hints.
# sqlite>

The example data has a corresponding deployment of the DMD web application at

Some examples of queries: